3D Female Anatomy Collection
3d female circulatory system model
3d female circulatory system model (head)
3d female circulatory system model (full body)
3d female heart model
3d female circulatory
3d female circulatory (new look)
3d female collective tissue model
3d female connective tissue (hand) model
3d female connective tissue (foot) model
3d female connective tissue (shoulder) model
3d female connective tissue (knee) model
3d female connective tissue (knee model)
3d female connective tissue model (full body)
3d female digestive system model (torso)
3d female digestive system (full body) model
3d female digestive model
3d female endocrine system (full model)
3d female skin model (full body)
3d female skin model (torso)
3d female lymphatic system model
3d female muscular system (full model)
3d female muscular model (lower body)
3d female muscular system (full body)
3d female muscular system model polygons/mesh
3d female muscular system (back)
3d female nervous system model
3d female brain model
3d female nervous system model (full body)
3d female reproductive system - mammary glands and breast
3d female reproductive model (vagina and uterus)
3d female respiratory system model (lungs)
3d female lungs
3d female skull from beneath
3d female skeleton model
3d female urinary system model

Complete 3D Female Anatomy Model

  • Formats:
    • 3D Studio Max
    • Blender (OBJ)
    • Cinema 4D
    • Generic OBJ
    • Maya
  • Uses:
    • VR/AR
    • Animations
    • Illustrations
    • WebGL
    • Game Engines
  • Optimized (low-res): Available
  • Polygons (as tris): 5025270
  • 3D Printable: *Yes - Contact for Specifics
  • Textures/UV: Yes
  • Grouping: Yes
  • Delivery Method: Download
  • Price: Speak to a Sales Representative
  • Rigged: No

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3D Female Anatomy Model - Collection

The Zygote 3D Female Anatomy Collection is the most comprehensive and well crafted female anatomy collection available today.

Each Model/System within the collections maintains true to life human shape with accurate proportion and positioning. The foundation of this collection starts with an entire skeleton model based on CT scans, and upon which all the other systems fit together.  

These 3D human anatomy models are made primarily of quadrilateral polygons. This allows for cleaner surface rendering as well as seamless subdividing for greater resolution. Geometry within the Collection has been carefully crafted to provide resolution in key areas sufficient for high quality renders, while at the same time eliminating superfluous geometry that hinders functionality and render time.

Each system within this collection correlates with the other anatomical systems in scale and proportion. This collection was created through years of development working with scanned human forms, photographic illustrative anatomical atlases, MRI/CT Scans, and with integrated consultation from medical professionals and doctors.

Each system is provided with hierarchic grouping. For example, within the skeleton collection, each bone is organized into a separate, named, group of geometry, allowing animators to quickly select any specific bone or group of bones to work with.

Zygote created this collection with four standards in mind.

  1. The models are medically accurate.
  2. The meshes are efficient and clean in order to be light to work with, as well as render and animation friendly.
  3. This collection is illustrative and palatable for all audiences while retaining a photo-realistic ability when needed.
  4. Zygote crafted this collection and its elements to be visually beautiful.


Along with the medical accuracy of the models within the collection, we also provide as an add-on option photo real color and bump texture maps for the Muscles, Skin, Skeleton, Heart, and Organs.

All textures are applied through use of UV coordinates. The amazing realism within the textures was generated through the use of human specimens. The muscles themselves are controlled through twenty different color maps at 2048 x 2048 pixel resolutions. For most situations the user will want to use quarter size muscle maps.

Here at Zoic the Zygote models have been an incredible and powerful asset for production. Specifically on "CSI" it has allowed for a nearly complete transition away from traditional prop building for all of our human anatomy shots. We use Zygote to digitally create the intricate and mysterious worlds of the human body. This results in allowing us and the writers to explore almost any area of the human body one can imagine.

Kevin Quattro Lead Artist - Zoic Studios

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