General Questions

Absolutely. We'd love to help. Most of our service customers find that we can build the models they need for their project so quickly that it saves them time and money.

We can also help if you need an image or animation created.


  • Anatomy/Physiology related courses at schools
  • Health Sciences related courses
  • Patient education for medical professionals and pharmaceutical companies


  • Bio Medical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical Devices
  • Sports Medicine Journals


  • Health/Wellness programs
  • Crime/Forensic programs
  • Educational programs
  • Commercials for medical devices and pharmaceuticals
  • Sports-related injury reports
  • Newscasts

Film/Special Effects

  • Imax
  • Horror
  • Science fiction
  • Action adventure

Anatomical Atlases

The Zygote anatomy models are the most accurate, detailed, and comprehensive models available on the market.

Accuracy is always our foremost consideration. The challenge is creating anatomy that is accurate while also being typical. No individual is absolutely typical, and anatomical detail accurate to a specific individual will include those idiosyncrasies. Our approach is to leverage technologies to obtain the best information from individuals, and eliminate idiosyncrasies. We rely on CT and MRI scans, photographs of real tissues, and anatomical atlases to ensure our models are the best available, and medically accurate.

"Comprehensive" means that our models include every system in the human body and work in 3D space with each other. The circulatory system, for example, integrates with the respiratory system, the skeletal muscular system, etc. The comprehensive nature of our models is a tremendous value to our customers because they know that each component can be illustrated in situ with any other simultaneously.

Animation/Illustration Models
Animation/Illustration models are generally created with polygons and are used to create 2D animations or renders for video or print.

Animation/Illustration software formats supported:

  • Maya
  • 3D Studio Max
  • Cinema 4D
  • Lightwave
  • Softimage
  • Generic .obj

CAD/Solid Models
CAD/Solid models are surface-based geometries, generally used within Computer Aided Design (CAD) software packages. Volumetric information can be extrapolated with CAD software, and simulations and studies can be run with the data to study properties of the objects modeled.

CAD software formats supported:

  • SolidWorks
  • ProE
  • Unigraphics/Parasolid
  • Inventor
  • Abaqus
  • Auto CAD

Other Questions

Yes. In most cases a discount is available.

Sure. Due to the nature of 3D models we are careful with what data we release prior to licensing. Our customers are usually very satisfied with examining our models using online meeting tools. We love GoToMeeting, with which our customers can log in and manipulate the data as if it were on their own computer – viewing what is happening here at Zygote on their own computer monitors.

Yes. We license individual components, systems, and collections according to the needs of the customer. The best price per piece is found in the collections; adding up the cost of each individual component would equal a much greater expense than the discount received when licensing a collection. However, even licensing an individual component, there is still tremendous value and you also know that if additional anatomy is needed in the future, whatever you need will integrate with what you already have.

Yes. You can modify or add to the models. In fact, our models are developed in such a clean fashion that it makes editing them very simple. However, the additions and modifications to the models are still subject to the terms of the License Agreement, and are not allowed to be distributed without specific written permission from Zygote.

Zygote's customers generally fall into one of three categories for which three separate kinds of agreements are needed. In short, Zygote allows the following kinds of license agreements:

Animation/Illustration and CAD/Solid Model Licenses
Intellectual Property - These licenses generally allow animators and illustrators full IP ownership of 2D images and animations created with the licensed content. This means that there are no restrictions to the usage of the images or royalties to be paid on them. However, the licenses preserve Zygote's copyrights and IP rights associated with the 3D content and restricts customers from distributing the licensed content or 3D derivatives of it.

Many license agreements for animators and illustrators are perpetual and involve no subscription fees etc. However, we do offer some licenses that involve subscriptions that include certain service agreements and automatic updates.

Real-Time Software Model Licenses
Intellectual Property - These licenses generally allow software developers to include the content within software that will be distributed to end users. In these cases, Zygote generally collects royalties, or subscription fees, and requires that the content is reasonably protected from extrication from within the software.

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