3D Human Heart

3D Human Heart

The Zygote 3D Human Heart Model is a vast upgrade over the previous version. Developed from MRI and CT data, this model maintains true human-heart shape, with valves and vessels in accurate proportion and position.

Zygote's Solid 3D Anatomy has set the standard in CAD and Simulation for over a decade.

  • Formats:
    • 3D Studio Max
    • Blender (OBJ)
    • Cinema 4D
    • Generic OBJ
    • Maya
  • Polygons (as tris): 62077
  • UV Coordinates: Available
  • Textures: Available
  • Grouping: Yes
  • Delivery Method: Download
  • Price w/Textures: $2,400
  • Price w/Textures and Animations: $4,800
  • Price wo/Textures: $1,200

"One of the main reasons we (Ghost) upgraded was to take advantage of the improved texturing and increased accuracy of the bony anatomy. Historically, we've spent a goodly amount of time trying to massage previous versions into shaders and geometry tweaks that stood up to the scrutiny of a close-up shot. With version 5 of the male and female anatomy collections, all I did was light it. No screwing around. Just animate, light and render... Honestly? The surgical procedure portions were the easiest part of this production."

Laura Schulz / Project Manager - ghOst Productions, Inc.

Developed with efficiency in mind, the Zygote 3D Human Heart geometry is actually lighter than the previous version! Interior detail in valves, trabeculae carneae, papillary muscles, auricles, and structures also exceed that of our previous version, while maintaining more efficient geometry. The surfaces that define the exterior and interior are composed almost entirely of quads with clean layout and grouping, enabling isolation and manipulation of each anatomical structure. Another huge leap forward is the available photo-real color and bump maps.

The Zygote Human Heart is also completely compatible with the Male and Female Anatomy Circulatory Systems, as well as all of the individual human anatomy systems. The Human Heart also fits properly with the circulatory systems so that vein and artery fly-throughs are possible.

Available separately is the complete animation of a human heart cardiac cycle. With the lateral, anterior and superior cuts of the 3d model, each valve and chamber are completely revealed within the context of the real-time cardiac cycle.

Both lean and fatty heart texture maps are available separately. Map channels included are color, bump and deformation. These texture maps are photo-realistic and are provided for exterior, interior and cross-section surfaces. (Note: The fatty texture map is for exterior view only)

Also available are anterior, lateral and top dissections, along with animated morph targets. Please contact us with any questions.