3D Male Circulatory System
3D Male Circulatory System
3D Male Circulatory System
3D Male Circulatory System
3D Male Circulatory System
3D Male Circulatory System
3D Male Circulatory System
3D Male Circulatory System

3D Male Circulatory System

  • Formats:
    • 3D Studio Max
    • Blender (OBJ)
    • Cinema 4D
    • Generic OBJ
    • Maya
  • Polygons (as tris): 1095660
  • UV Coordinates: Available
  • Textures: Available
  • Grouping: Yes
  • Delivery Method: Download
  • Price: $4,620
  • Rigged: No

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3D Male Circulatory System

The Zygote 3D Male Circulatory System model includes the 3D heart model with interior and exterior, all major arterial flow and venous flow to and from the extremities, the visceral and reproductive organs, and to the heart and lungs. Each coronary structure, as well as the arteries and veins, are grouped for easy selection, making visualization of the interior of the heart quick and easy. Landmark vessels throughout the body are clearly grouped for rapid navigation and focus. The resolution and detail of these 3D models are perfect for animation and rendering. The 3D Heart model was developed from CT and MRI data. Please see our 3D heart model page for additional information about the heart and textures.

The Circulatory System has been improved by creating a single-mesh treatment of the geometry. This enables more drastic deformation without interpenetration of blood vessels, and a more natural treatment of the bifurcations of arteries and veins. New blood vessel branching in almost every region of the body significantly increases the detail of the model. Thorough grouping and naming of circulation segments enables quick focusing on, and isolation of specific portions of the Circulatory System.

Completely new blood vessels include

  • Transverse Cervical Artery
  • Suprascapular Artery
  • Subscapular Artery
  • Deep Brachial Artery
  • Acromial Branch of Throracromial Artery
  • Inferior Phrenic Arteries
  • Esophageal Arteries
  • Transverse Branch of Lateral Circumflex Femoral Artery
  • Articular Branch of Descending Genicular Artery
  • Medial Superior Genicular Artery
  • Lateral Superior Genicular Artery
  • Lateral Inferior Genicular Artery
  • Medial Inferior Genicular Artery
  • Anterior Recurrent Tibial Artery
  • Circumflex Fibular Artery
  • Anterior Recurrent Tibial Artery
  • Lateral Circumflex Femoral Vein
  • Anterior Femoral Cutaneous Vein
  • Accessory Saphenous Vein

Detailed components of the 3D Circulatory System include:

Heart Interior

  • Interior superior vena cava
  • Interior right ventricle
  • Interior right atrium
  • Right AV valve
  • Pulmonary valve
  • Interior pulmonary trunk
  • Interior left ventricle
  • Interior left atrium
  • Left AV valve
  • Interior inferior vena cava
  • Aortic valve
  • Interior Aorta

Heart Exterior

  • Inferior vena cava
  • Aorta
  • Left atrium
  • Pulmonary arteries
  • Pulmonary trunk
  • Pulmonary veins
  • Right atrium
  • Superior vena cava
  • Ventricles

Head Arteries

  • Common carotid
  • External carotid
  • Internal carotid
  • Pontine
  • Perforator
  • Lenticulostriate
  • Anterior communicating
  • Posterior Cerebral
    • Anterior temporal branch
    • Calcarine branch
    • Parietal occipital branch
    • Posterior pericallosal branch
  • Anterior Cerebra
  • Middle Cerebral
  • Vertebral
  • Posterior communicating
  • Basilar
  • Anterior inferior cerebellar
  • Superior cerebellar
  • Posterior inferior cerebellar
  • Ophthalmic

Head Veins

  • Cerebral
  • Transverse sinus
  • Anterior medial
  • Cavernous sinus
  • Great cerebral
  • Intercavernous sinus
  • Posterior spinal
  • Sigmoid sinus
  • Straight sinus
  • Superior sagittal sinus
  • Internal jugular

Arm Arteries

  • Axillary Artery
  • Brachial Artery
  • Thoracoacromial Artery
  • Subscapular Artery
  • Anterior circumflex Humeral Artery
  • Posterior circumflex Humeral Artery
  • Deep brachial Artery
  • Radial Collateral Artery
  • Middle Collateral Artery
  • Superior Ulnar Collateral Artery
  • Inferior Ulnar Collateral Artery
  • Anterior Ulnar Artery
  • Interosseous Artery
  • Anterior Interosseous Artery
  • Radial Artery
  • Ulnar Artery
  • Superficial Palmar branch of the Radial Artery
  • Deep Palmar arterial branch
  • Radialis Indicis Artery
  • Common Palmer Digital Arteries
  • Deep Palmar Branch of the Ulnar Artery
  • Princeps Pollicis Artery

Arm Veins

  • Jugular Internal Vein
  • Acromial Vein
  • Jugular External Vein
  • Subclavian Vein
  • Cephalic Vein
  • Axillary Vein
  • Basilica Vein
  • Intermediate Median Cephalic Vein
  • Dorsal Venous Arch
  • Dorsal Metacarpal Veins
  • Accessory cephalic Vein
  • Intermediate Cubital Vein
  • Dorsal Meta Carpal Vein
  • Brachial Veins

Leg Arteries

  • Femoral Artery
  • Deep Femoral Artery
  • Ascending Branch of the Femoral Artery
  • Transverse Branch of the Femoral Artery
  • Descending Branch of the Femoral Artery
  • Lateral Circumflex of the Femoral Artery
  • Patellar Plexus
  • Anterior Tibial Artery
  • Posterior Tibial Artery
  • Peroneal Artery
  • Medial Superior Genicular Artery
  • Circumflex fibular artery
  • Lateral Calcaneal Branch of the Peroneal Artery
  • Arcuate Artery
  • Posterior Perforating Branches from the Deep Plantar Arch
  • Dorsal Digital Arteries

Leg Veins

  • Lesser Saphenous Vein
  • Popliteal Vein
  • Grest Saphenous Vein
  • Femoral Vein
  • Accessory Saphenous Vein
  • Small Saphenous
  • Posterior Tibial
  • Dorsal Venous arch
  • Dorsal digital veins

Abdomen and Pelvic Arteries

  • Aorta
  • Superior Mesenteric Artery
  • Marginal Artery
  • Ileocolic Artery
    • Colic Branch
    • Ileal Branch
  • Right Colic Artery
  • Inferior Mesenteric Artery
  • Sigmoid Arteries
  • Left Colic Artery
    • Ascending Branch
    • Descending Branch
  • Superior Rectal Arteries
  • Inferior Rectal Arteries
  • Middle Rectal Artery
  • Obturator Artery
  • Internal Iliac Artery
  • Inferior Vesical Artery
  • Internal Pudendal Artery
  • Renal Arteries
  • Splenic Artery
  • Left Gastric Artery
  • Common Hepatic Artery
  • Cystic Artery
  • Right Gastric Artery
  • Middle Colic Artery
  • Testicular Artery
  • Perineal Artery
  • Deep Dorsal Artery of the Penis
  • Posterior Scrotum Arteries
  • Umbilical Artery
  • Inferior Gluteal Artery
  • Superior Vesical Artery
  • Deep Artery of the Penis

Abdomen and Pelvic Veins

  • External Iliac Vein
  • Internal Iliac Vein
  • Renal Vein
  • Deep Dorsal Vein of the Penis
  • Inferior Mesenteric Vein
  • Testicular Vein
  • Pampiniform Venous Plexus
  • Perineal Vein
  • Splenic Vein
  • Superior Rectal Vein
  • Rectosigmoid Vein
  • Sigmoid Vein
  • Inferior Mesenteric Vein
  • Left Colic Vein
  • Middle Colic Vein
  • Gastroepiploic Vein
  • Gartric Vein
  • Portal Vein
  • Superior Pancreaticoduodenal vein
  • Ileocolic Vein
  • Right Colic Vein
  • Inferior Rectal Vein
  • Middle Rectal Vein
  • Perimuscular Rectal Plexus
  • Internal Prudential Vein
  • Oburator Vein
  • Umbilical Vein
  • Superior Vesical Vein
  • Vena Cava

Zygote's anatomy products are a core element in most of the projects we are involved with, none more so than DK's The Complete Human Body where they take center stage in the book's amazing Anatomy Atlas.

Medi-Mation has been working with Zygote's anatomical models since they were first launched--it's been a pleasure to see the assets develop in detail and accuracy over time. Compared to other commercially available products, Zygote's models are far cleaner and more detailed, making them wonderful assets from which to build illustrations and animation. We look forward to seeing where future iterations will take them.

For The Complete Human Body, Medi-Mation required a highly detailed and clean set of models. These formed the basis of the illustrations for the book, which explores every aspect of the body in incredible detail. Some views are 80 percent life-size. The clear, sensible labeling of assets and clean geometry allowed us to divide the model and add even more detail without any problems, even with all anatomy layers loaded in at the same time.

Zygote's model sets saved us a huge amount of time and effort, making complex and high profile projects such as The Complete Human Body feasible in terms of both production and budget.

Rajeev Doshi CEO - Medi-Mation

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