3D Inner Ear

3D Inner Ear

The 3D Human Ear Model includes high quality models of the different structures involved in sound reception in the ear, with each element individually grouped for easy access.

Zygote's Solid 3D Anatomy has set the standard in CAD and Simulation for over a decade.

  • Formats:
    • 3D Studio Max
    • Blender (OBJ)
    • Cinema 4D
    • Generic OBJ
    • Maya
  • Polygons (as tris): 7934
  • UV Coordinates: Available
  • Textures: Available
  • Grouping: Yes
  • Delivery Method: Download
  • Price: $915
  • Rigged: No

"I want to thank . . . the team at Zygote for proving us with the most complete and easy to use human body data-set on the market today. I was extremely impressed with the accuracy of the geometry and the detail of the textures, which gave Rushes a solid base on which to design the visual effects for "Human Body:Pushing The Limits" The continued support and upgrading of the model library, allowed us to push the creativity of our shots and surpass the expectations of our client."

Hayden Jones / VFX Supervisor - Rushes Postproduction Ltd.

The model shows the pathway sound takes starting from the outer ear and going through the inner ear to the Vestibulocochlear nerve, dissecting the surrounding features and clearly showing the placement of the three-dimensional middle and inner ear structures. Despite how small these structures are in real-life, this model provides a highly detailed model made for accurate and clear renderings. This model also includes a texture map for the bone, skin, and vessel cross sectioned pieces.

  • Auricle (Outer Ear)
  • Tympanic Membrane
  • Auditory Ossicles of the Middle Ear (Malleus, Incus, and Stapes)
  • Cochlea
  • Cross-section of surrounding structures